Searching for BF David Paul Ryan

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Searching for BF David Paul Ryan

Postby SailorBoy » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:00 pm

Hello all.

Its been a while so now I am ready once more to try and trace my BF so I though i would start with a post here.
If anyone knows any of the people listed below, please do get in touch.

David Paul Ryan Born July 1962 Farnworth/Halifax/Horwich area

Katheryn M Ryan Born March 1967 Horwich

Ann M Ryan March 1961 Horwich

Kathleen Ryan June 1948 Halifax area

Desmond Ryan Mar 1962 Halifax area

Stephen Ryan June 1952 or John Ryan Sept 1950.

I believe these all to be from the same family and my BF is David Paul Ryan. He was knocking around the Bolton area circa 1981 and of Irish origins.

Please please would anyone with any knowledge of the listed people, get in touch.

Roger N OUT..

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Re: Searching for BF David Paul Ryan

Postby ladyarcher » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:02 pm

Hi again SailorB .....

... it looks as if you have managed to get a good bit of information ....... have you put yourself on the Contact Register as I suggested when you were posting's not too expensive and can bring results........I expect you will have already joined Genes Reunited and put your birth surname in to see if there is anyone who might be your relative doing their family tree ........ also, as you have so many names, try searches on, and also on the electoral roll........some of these things need quite a bit of persistence in teasing out who is part of your family and who isn't, but there is a lot that you can do without spending too much, if you work at it........

Also,......... and you will have thought of this I expect,.......... because you know that there are Irish origins, it is always possible that your b.father, and/or others have gone back over there.....or some may never have it is worth trying to find out where they come from.......because if it is a village, you could be on to a winner.....villagers have very long memories, and usually a lot of information.....

Good luck

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