Need your help!

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Need your help!

Postby athensrunner » Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:20 pm

Hi folks

I need your help, if you can and are willing to help.

I'm doing a search on behalf of Roots Research Centre in Greece... and before I take a trip down to the Records office at Kew, I was wondering if any of you have access to the Forces War Records site. The person we are looking for is Denis or Denim (personally I think that might have been Denham) Lester, he would have been stationed in Greece in or around 1947. The person we are searching on behalf of is George's (the first entry) twin brother of course if you recognise anyone on that site contact Roots directly or send me a PM.

I'm hoping to have a trip to Kew in the next week or two (work commitments may hamper me)... and if there are anything any of you want me to look up, again send me a PM.

Thank you

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