No more Norcap apparently

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No more Norcap apparently

Postby ladyarcher » Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:52 pm

Don't know the details, but it would appear that Norcap is also ceasing 'trading', along with other businesses ........... probably at a guess in their case it is a combination of their very high fees and the fact that so many people can now do their own tracing on the internet........there is a bit of a discussion going on on Facebook via the fiercer adoption thread, but one hopes that Norcap will contact and inform everyone who is on their searching/contact register and also someone on the FB site was wondering what would happen to all their confidential files.........interesting........
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Re: No more Norcap apparently

Postby stantheman11 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:01 am


Alot of these places or closing down due to alot of grants being stopped,due to government cut backs .My guess is that if Norcap have closed all ongoing files wont be past on to othere intermediary,as Norcap will have to return all the files,and wont pass on any info to inform people,and i can not see them giving anybody a refund of money that people have payed.So it looks like people on there books will have to start afresh.Anybody that has payed money upfront to Norcap may have to think about taking the legal route to get a full refund.

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Re: No more Norcap apparently

Postby DiamondStarHalo » Wed May 22, 2013 11:27 pm

RE. Norcap,
I was a service user when they went under - I'd paid to use the Locate & Make Contact service last year.
To be fair to Norcap, they did keep me informed of what was happening, and my researcher and intermediary did everything they were able to before the files had to be returned. I received copies of all documentation, current addresses etc. and my intermediary's exact words were:

"What I can reassure you of is that all records will be kept appropriately & safely in accordance with data protection guidelines etc. A system will emerge from this to deal with what happens next but as yet that is unclear and will probably take some time to be established and my guess is that that will be being looked at by (Norcap) head office.
Worth checking the website regularly for updates and signposting to other services etc. However, I think the dust still needs to settle on the immediate crisis. If you can be patient I'm confident a way forward will be come clearer."

Hope that gives some reassurance to other service users that their data is safe.
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