My search story - private investigator

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My search story - private investigator

Postby Ade » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:21 pm

I just wanted to add my search story on the forum, as it seems to differ from many of the methods other posters have.

I had been living and working outside the UK for aoround 5 years when I decided it was "now or never". I had a copy of adoption certificate as I'd been for "the appointment" when I was a teenager but chose to do nothing about searching for another 20 years. The usual internet searches, databases, and a few subscription paymets later I had a few "facebook suspects" but no way of knowing for sure and being out of the country - searches and investigations in person were not practical.

I watched one of those "heir hunter" type shows where investigators "chase ambulances" and track down surviving heirs to deceased estates (for a commision, naturally) and thought - Those are the sort of people and skills I need access to!! Unbelievably 30 mins (30 minutes...!!) later a Manchester investigator outlined how the proccess worked in professional detail and said he was confident he had the correct persons current details infront of him, (BM), The process was he would get birth certificate copies and then verify all his database information before proceeding any further. Part of his service was then that he would contact the BM, as an intermediary verify the information they had obtained as a final check then suggest arrangements of introductory letters etc.

My details were kept confidential from the BM, but I could not belive the amount of detail that came from the investigator - Businesses, owned properties - family cross references - all the verified data from public databases etc. brings it home how much of our lives is on the www these days to folk who know how to find it. I asked for BM and BF details, but he suggested I just search BM first, as very often enough information can be gained to verify and trace the BF. This proved to be correct. I wont name the agent or costs as I'm not sure about forum rules on such things - but wanted to share that this was a good service for me living overseas, The chap had done quite a few adoption traces (along with all the other reasons he was hired to track down debtors and other naughty people!!) and these jobs were clearly a highlight for him - even though my BM reacted appallingly when he contacted her to verify the search details and her desire to be contacted - (as he says better she gave him grief, than me, until she calmed down!!) Letters and intermediaries essential I think!! - Anyway - Just thought I'd post - A
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Re: My search story - private investigator

Postby ladyarcher » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:01 am

A few months ago there was a gentleman posting on here who was telling us in another context how easy it was to trace people....... I set him a test to tell me who I was simply from information in my posts on here....... my posts have no names, but they do from time to time refer to ages of children and occasionally I have said that I currently live in Wales but have not been here very long............ He e-mailed me back in less than half an hour with my name, and the names of my children, although one or two of them he had in the wrong order........he had quite a lot of other info. too........ this despite the fact that as a family we are very low internet impact.......and at the time were even less so........

One of the main reasons for doing my own searching and contact at the time, was that I did not want my b.mother to feel that a stranger was privy to details of her life..........I felt that to be approached like that might alienate her or upset her, and that it was no-one's business but hers and mine........the same applied when I was searching for my full sister.........I was right on both counts....... my b.mother would have been sister would have felt it most distasteful and probably would have refused to see's just a game of second guessing how people will feel.....some might well prefer to have the buffer of a person not emotionally connected, and whose approach would give them a breathing space and time to take it in before a meeting......however it does not have to be the professional 'tracer' who makes the approach.......... the tracer could simply give you his results and you could ask someone else to act for you, such as a vicar......... they are often asked to do confidential things like this, and even to a non-Church goer a vicar is usually seen as an un-threatening presence......... not so distrusted as, for example, a Social Worker........

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