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talking adoption

Postby annmarie » Thu Oct 13, 2005 2:13 pm

hi my name is annmarie, i am 17 and from newcastle upon tyne. i found out about this web-site through relatives, i have found it really interesting hearing about other peoples stories.
this is my story.
i have been with my adopted parents for 10 years now, who brought me and my two brothers into their home and life. they have given us everything we ever wanted, loving parents, a beautiful home to live in and wiked friends and relatives i have met over the years.
i have found it hard to keep my emotions under control, as me and my two brothers were abused from my father, not fed and the home invironment was not very nice. my birth parents tried very hard to keep our family going, but in the end it went all wrong. i got taken away from them when i was 4. my mother fought in court for us to stay with her, but got told by the social services we had to be put in care, she was in a right state, my brothers and i didnt have a clue what was going on, all we knew that we couldnt see our mum for a long time. we also ended up being fostered by different famillies all over the place.
when i turned eight we actually got fostered and had to travel down to newcastle to meet the people that wanted to adopt us.
i am trying to get in contact with my birth parents, my mother is called angela chapmen and my father is called steven dennis. my father wrote to my brothers and i quite a few years ago saying my mother might be getting married to someone else and having some more kids, which was a bit surprising, and my father moved out of london and is currently living in luton. it is probably not the best idea to contact them now because i dont want to just bring the past up and interupt their new lives. the thing that i worry about is do they still want to see me, and get to know me a bit better or do they not want to have anything to do with me after all of these years. i just hope they want to know me, because i would love to to talk to them and possibly catch up from the past 13 years.
my oldest brother was actually contacted by his real sister about a year ago asking if they want to meet up, but he doesnt want to anthing to do with her. he hasnt really got any reason not to talk to her, but he treates me as his real sister. the only reason why that is, because he has a different father to me and my youngest brother.
me and my brothers were born in brixton in london.

if anybody knows angela chapmen from london or steven dennis from luton please reply back.
from annmarie


Postby elly » Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:40 pm

Hi Annmarie

Your in a different position from some of us because you know what happened and why you were adopted.

If you want to find your dad it should be quite easy as you can find him on the electrol roll. Your mum could be more difficult because if she has re-married you need to know her married name.

Read through Jonothans, there's advise there and someone has credits to search birth/marriage/death index's

Don't search because you think you should, wait till your ready......

best of luck whatever you decide to do

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