Thank you everyone

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Thank you everyone

Postby sylvie » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:41 am

These days, since reuniting with my son, and slowly waking up to the reality and impact of adoption on each of us, I take time to read the posts on here. On all the forums, over the many years.

What strikes me again and again is how tender everyone's feelings are, and therefore how enormously generous it is of you to choose to share your thoughts and experience so that others can hear you, and witness your reality. Your inner reality, where the real, important feelings live.

I've been moved to tears by some of your posts, and wanted to put my arm round some of you. I've also felt elated, and incredulous and furious on some of your behalfs.

But most of all I feel amazed at how utterly generous and thoughtful and kind and respectful everyone is, and I'm so moved by this every single time I read.

I just wanted to thank you all for this, and tell you how much I appreciate every single time someone shared their point of view, whatever that point of view is. It feels invaluable to be able to hear you.


Forgive me for putting this on all the forums - I just want to thank everyone.
Reunited with my beloved son after decades of separation which began when I was a young teenager and he was newly born, and finally ended a few years ago when we met again as fully-grown adults.
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