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SafeBase - Create Healthy Attachments

Postby steven » Mon May 28, 2012 1:40 pm

The SafeBase Parenting Programme

One of the biggest myths about adoption is that it is an immediate happy ending. For adoptive families, there are challenges along the way and we know that the differences adoption brings – both good and bad – are lifelong.

Each child has their own story, which can leave them very vulnerable and can make it hard for them to form attachments. Every year one in five adoptions fails, often because of attachment difficulties between the parents and the child. This means that children may have to return to the care system.

SafeBase means that adoptions work. More than 99% of the families who have had SafeBase are still together. This will give their children the opportunities in life that they deserve.

SafeBase is a parenting programme that teaches parents about attachment theory, child development and the impact of trauma and loss. It begins with a family based observation where we look at the interactions within each family. Then four days of training follow, which gives parents the techniques and practical tools to build more positive attachments with their children. The final part is ongoing support to adoptive families through parent support groups and online forums.

Read Alice’s story to see just how valuable SafeBase is for adoptive families and how it constitutes a vital intervention for families in crisis. Parents who have attended the programme report that it has a longterm impact on family life which extends to the child’s performance at school and their ability to interact with others.

SafeBase is vital to local authorities that provide adoption support to families in England and Wales, and is also available through our partners in Scotland. It achieves positive outcomes for children in a cost-effective way. Our organisation is continuing to develop strategic partnerships with local authorities to increase the number of children who can benefit from successful adoptive placements.

SafeBase helps both parents and children to build a stronger relationship and a brighter future.

To find out how to get SafeBase, either for your family or in your role as a social work professional contact 08000 568 578 or email
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