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The Statistic !

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In 1995 - 2,870 children under 5yrs old were taken into care and 910 children under 5 adopted from care (32%). In 2006 - 4,160 children under 5 were taken into care and 2,190 children under 5 adopted which is over 60%. For the government to achieve their target almost all of the children taken into care under 5 have to be adopted a ludicrious objective In the 12 months to 31 March 2007, 740 special guardianship orders were granted, compared to 60 in the first quarter of 2006, when the orders were introduced under the Adoption and Children Act 2002. During 2006-7, adoption numbers fell from 3,700 to 3,400.

A result of all this has been to strongly motivate social workers to procure children suitable for adoption even if it means splitting up the very families they are meant to support and protect.

A cross party group of over 20 MP's concerned by the adoption targets set by the government have now signed a parliamentary EDM 626 [Early Day Motion] deploring the taking of babies from their mothers not for their welfare but simply to enable social workers to meet their government adoption targets. [That this House notes that local authorities and their staff are incentivised to ensure that children are adopted; is concerned about increasing numbers of babies being taken into care, not for the safety of the infant, but because they are easy to get adopted; and calls urgently for effective scrutiny of care proceedings to stop this from happening. (EDM)]
Ref: The Children Leaving Care Bill [HL] Bill 134 1999-2000 PDF Document Stats - Children looked after by Local Authorities Year Ending 31 March 2004 England: 61,100 DfES Scotland: 11,700 Wales: 4,591 Northern Ireland: 2,510 - Metropolitan Police (London) - Justice for Families chaired by Lib Dem MP John Hemming JFF - BBC British Broadcasting Corp - Independent UK Newspapers - Channel 4 broadcasting Corp - First post - Kent County Council - Home Office records.

*For the first time, the government also provided profiles of adopters in data on looked-after children. This showed that in 2007, 84% of adopters were married, 4% were unmarried heterosexual couples, 2% were unmarried homosexual couples (68), 1% were civil partners (34) and 9% were single.

Who cares for children in care?

Latest available figures show that 80,000 children were 'looked after' by local authorities in the UK as at 31st March 2004. That's the entire population of 200 primary schools. Each case costs the taxpayer an average of �70K in legal fees, many cost over �350K. There are other costs, children in care cost the taxpayer over �830 million pounds a year with private children's homes charging up to '�7000 per week per child' with foster parents in Slough for example getting '�400 per week per child'.

Children in care cost the taxpayer an average of �2,500 per child, per week-more than four times what it would cost to send a child to Eton Massive costs that needlessly drain the resources of local authorities, central government and charities. Massive amounts of public money. In the interests of children? These are the best government figures we are aware of; clearly showing the tragic consequences for the majority of thousands of children leaving care each year:

Care can be profoundly injurious to a child - Minister Alan Johnson admits Gov are failing children in care...
80,000 living reasons why enforcement of state intervention parenting by Government, Courts and Child protection officials as failed.

Who cares for children in care?

- More than 75% of care leavers have no academic qualifications of any kind

- More than 50% of young people leaving care after 16 years are unemployed

- 17% of young girls leaving care are pregnant or already mothers

- 10% of 16-17 year old claimants of DSS hardship payments have been in care

- 71% of our homeless spent time in care

- 33% of adult prisoners and 38% of young prisoners have been in care

- 30% of young single homeless people have been in care

- 90% of all prostitutes on our streets who have been arrested at least once have come from the care system.

Who cares for children in care
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