The Archbishop of Canterbury

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The Archbishop of Canterbury

Postby ladyarcher70 » Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:56 pm

Interesting that the Archbishop is finding himself in a similar position to many adoptees, although not adopted, he now will turn some thoughts to having a 'new' family....... perhaps half siblings and nieces and nephews etc ........a shock to him, and a shock to them too of course....... any 'revelations' of this sort can change the whole dynamic of families, as we adoptees know only too well.......

One has to deplore that the information and dna testing was forced upon him..... if the media reports of the way it was done are true ..... and one also has to deplore that his very elderly mother, whatever her past, has had this forced upon herself as well ...... it is purely a private matter that is of no benefit to anyone of the general public to know about ..... is, however, of relevance to adoptees of course....... because he has a very high public profile, and might perhaps be sympathetic to using his contacts and influence to help in making the searches of adoptees less difficult ....... and on his own personal level it is possible that he could receive help from us ....... maybe worth a letter ...... I will try to get round to it .....what are other peoples' thoughts .....

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Re: The Archbishop of Canterbury

Postby athensrunner » Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:56 am

To me it seems like the story originates from the Archbishop or his camp, I wonder if the Archbishop's biologic father was a plumber of a council estate somewhere, rather than Churchill's private secretary the story had been published. From what I understand, it was the Archbishop who suggested a DNA and he has know about the DNA result for a few years now. Hopefully, the new family dynamic is now in place for him and his new family.

I hope that the story will be of benefit to adoptees and others where paternity is hidden, but I do not think so...It seems to me that it is more likely that a book is coming soon...OK being cynical...but it is more information released about the Archbishop's childhood than the biological father and the paternal family.
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