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The One show

Postby cleo » Wed May 27, 2015 8:47 pm

Hello everyone, been abit quite on here,

Did anyone see the one show this evening, with the Young girl who wanted to find her birth mum, and finally did find her after no help from the social services, this doe's seem to be a general problem when searching.

As i watched and listened to the bmum, i heard myself repeating the same things about my son, how much i have loved him all of these years, how i never forgot about him, it was lovely yet heartbreaking to Watch, i'm just glad that it has worked out for them both.

I hope everyone is ok in their part of the world and coping, i am getting to grips with everything, i have seen occassional photos now of my 2 grandsons with yet another present i gave for Christmas present, and a couple of recent photos of my son, i know its only snippets like looking through a keyhole on internet.

I have no idea if he doe's this for my benefit or not as i know with fb and other social networks the person can have the page completely closed only for certain people to see, but here he has an open page, perhaps its his way of letting me know that he is ok and the boys are growing up.

But i still feel hurt and that soemtimes the sadness creaps back, but then i tell myself that i was never mean't to be in my sons life and i have to get on with my life as best i can.

Take care everyone, i do think on how you are all doing
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