Adopted family can check medical past

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Adopted family can check medical past

Postby BJS28 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:06 am

I have posted this here in Birth Relatives because it affects us but if you prefer this to be in a different thread by all means move as you see appropriate.
I am the birth Grandmother of a GS who was adopted (forced adoption) by the LA and a GD due to be adopted in the not too distant future also (forced adoption) by LA.
The government have agreed that all adopted adults will from November be able to have access to medical information from their birth families although as I understand it, the birth family members will not be identified and will probably not know that their medical information is being shared. Feel free to correct me if you are aware of how this process will work.

I am NOT against my Grandchildren having important ACCURATE medical information in order to be aware of any genetic links to hereditory conditions. However, due to the under handed tactics the LA have used in order to gain the judicial system's support in getting the adoption order through, I am extremely concerned as to what information they will share with the adopters and naturally, my Grandchildren in the long term. There are a number of inaccuracies in family members medical records and I would NOT want my Grandchildren having wrong information.

I have written to Edward Timpson Family Minister (MP) who supports this for adopted families and have yet to receive a reply.

I am keen to know and understand as to how the government expect this process to be rolled out and who will exactly be responsible for exchanging MY medical information.
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Re: Adopted family can check medical past

Postby ladyarcher70 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:23 pm

That's a tricky question BJS ..............I have not heard this, although technically Drs. are supposed to be able to access medical records of b.parents.......I don't think that this happens very often because from my experience Drs. a) don't know about it....and b) have quite enough to do anyway ........ also, how on earth would these things be kept confidential when at least all drs. in the same group would need to know.......and also the Practice Nurses, secretaries and most receptionists know everything that goes on...... the same I guess would apply to solicitors........would a disclosure have to be applied for by a solicitor .......etc........very little these days is in fact confidential at all......

The other thing is who in the case that you state, is supplying the it properly supplied by a family dr. or hospital ...... is it just the LA asking people about their medical history.........and, what seems to me to be a big flaw in the whole idea, is that if the b.mother/family have had a child taken off them forcibly, then it may be that the b.parent has not looked after themselves - or the child - and therefore information may be scanty and inaccurate ......

Re-reading your post it is not quite clear to me if it is your own grandchildren who have/are being taken away from your son/daughter, by the local authority, or if your son/daughter is about to adopt children who have been removed.... on the re-read several times, it looks to me as if it is your own grandchildren who are being taken...if this is the case then I feel deeply sorry for would be awful ....... in fact I can think of little that would be worse in those circumstances......

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Re: Adopted family can check medical past

Postby BJS28 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:27 am

To clarify, it is my daughter's babies that have been taken by s.s under the guise of 'possible future harm', but I do not wish to distract from my original post regarding who will have access to my families medical records.

My daughter was very well looked-after but mis-diagnosed by consultant's as a child, hence INACCURACIES within medical records.

Here is a link to my source of information:

As I understand it from the article, it will be handled by outside Adoption Agencies which is of great concern to me (see below) but I do not know who will be providing the information to them for them to act as mediators, in my opinion.

As this is due to commence in November 2014, the roll out process will already be known to the relevant agencies but this information is not widely known or purposely being withheld from the public.

Why should Dr's have access to birth parents medical records without their consent? Apart from which, let me play devils advocate for a moment here;
For future generations, Death Certificates will provide cause of death - it will not show that the patient was being treated for a possible genetic condition. So for someone who may have died from Heart Attack, they may have been treated for Breast Cancer but unless you have full name and date of birth consultants won't be able to check against the 1950's Cancer Register. Hence my concern for ACCURATE information.

On a slightly similar note - a family member has been trying to get approval for genetics testing but has been refused by the genetics team for lack of 'relevant connecting' information. Yet, adopted adults and 'their' families will have access to something which is not granted to us. How can that be?

Another example: my daughter contacted the GP who was treating my GS (whilst contact was still in place) and the receptionist breached confidentiality by telling my daughter the Foster Carer's address (obviously in error) but just proves that secretaries, admin staff etc are not 'switched on' enough to prevent breaches like this from happening and albeit an address is one thing, someone's medical information is remarkably more serious.

I seriously think there is a lot of research to be done on this matter and I will post up when/if I receive a reply from the Education Minister Mr Edward Timpson who agrees with this latest legislation.

Please, let me re-iterate - I DO NOT disagree with adoptee's having access to their medical information - it is the process I am challenging and wanting more information about. Sorry if that sounds harsh. Just want to make sure I do not want to offend anyone who may have struggled to gain access to their information.

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