radio 4 - adoption/fostering by grandparents

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radio 4 - adoption/fostering by grandparents

Postby ladyarcher » Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:00 pm

Did anyone hear this rather interesting programme today .....

...a number of people who were bringing up their grandchildren, for various reasons, and the children were also giving their take on the experience...

..... one couple were bringing up the children of their drug and alcohol damaged daughter.......she had now turned her life around, but felt that the children were best left with their grandparents.......the grandparents got a residency order on the first child because of the drugs alcohol and abusive relationship that their daughter was in.......she then had another baby, which they had from birth, ...... both children would have been taken into care and adopted away from the family if the grandparents had not stepped up........

.....another couple had adopted the son of their fourteen year old daughter, he is now grown up and was talking about the time when he was around seven, when he was working out for himself who was who, in that his older 'sister' was actually his mother, and the child of her new relationship now she was a lot older, was actually his his case he felt that children raised by their grandparents seemed to have a very strong urge to 'do well' and to 'prove themselves', in much the same way, I thought, as adoptees do.........

Some mileage was made in the program about grandparents having better experience and being calmer........ but the lady whose daughter had the drug problem felt that sometimes she had been 'judged' in that people thought 'the apple didn't fall far from the tree.......' and were thinking 'what sort of parents were she and her husband' if their daughter had turned out like now she did not look at young girls hanging around with beer cans, and buggies, wondering what sort of parents they had, because the choices people make are their own, and the parents can't always stop them.......

I know that the circumstances of some of them were not quite the same as adoption to a stranger, but there were interesting similarities, especially in how the young man talked about his birth mother, who was only fourteen years older than him .......

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