Do you want to tell your story?

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Do you want to tell your story?

Postby steven » Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:54 pm

After Adoption gets numerous enquiries from the media such as newspapers, magazines and radio asking for ‘stories’ from people whose lives have been affected by adoption.

We do our best to respond to these queries as media coverage will raise the profile of the organisation which means more people find out about and can access our services. It can also help to increase voluntary donations, which After Adoption relies on to fund its work.

In order to respond we need stories from people who are willing to talk to the media about their experience of adoption. If you might be willing to tell your story then get in touch:

You can also tell your story in other ways such as on our website and in our newsletter Connected. There is always the option to remain anonymous and our first priority is you.

For more details and to discuss any aspect of this contact Sarah Nurton,Marketing & Communications Officer, 0161 830 2028 or email
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