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Thank you

Postby sylvie 1 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:52 pm

Reading LadyArcher's recent post, and reflecting on the many conversations I've experienced here on this site, I realised how much I newly understand about other people's experience of adoption.

When I first came onto this site, I had just one view of adoption and that was based on my own experience.

Over the years since then, I've heard views that have really helped me to understand more, especially from a different perspective.
Sometimes it's been a shock, or incredibly painful. Sometimes it's taken me a while to really be able to listen fully.

I've been listening to conversations about adoption from a very hurt and traumatised place. I've been listening to others who are speaking from a very hurt and traumatised place. This has made some of the conversations feel almost unbearably painful.

But all these years later, I realise how much I've learned from the utter courage of other people speaking their truth. Speaking from their experience - their most painful experience.

Thank you everybody. You brave souls. You've changed the world by speaking your truth.
sylvie 1
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Re: Thank you

Postby cleo » Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:18 pm

Dear Sylvie 1

Here Here, when i first came to this forum, i never thought i would be the only one experiencing all that a birth mother has kept secret all these years, and to find out so much of how the ss told us things that we believed to be in everyone's best interest, and mainly to find out the hurt so many of us have endured all these years....on both sides of the fence.

Traumatising, gut wrencing, and so many other words that in a way are too difficult for many to comprehend unless they are in this same situation. I know there are some people out there have have a few different views, but on the whole, our feelings are mutuelle.

I, like you have read the stories from all sides and tried to understand alot more from an adoptee's point of view, although i find this hard when it comes to my son's decision.

There are times i wish things could of been different, but sometimes, i found out.....sometimes one of the two are not looking for the same thing, although it may seem like all will be fine from the beginning.

I would like to wish you all a better New Year and hope that those still searching find a way. Those who have been found, find peace of mind.And those who have been found then lost, may they hang onto a glimmer of hope that one day, just maybe, they'll be found again and given a chance that was taken away from them through mis-understanding or 'it was too much' after a 1st reunion....

May we all have inner peace someway or another, and keep the light burning for those still struggling, knowing there is somebody here to listen to us when we are feeling low and have now where else or anybody else to turn too.

Bless you all, and i would also like to thankyou from the bottom of my heart, for helping me see yet another year through....Take care and here's "To Hope for 2017"
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