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Fight the Big C

Postby ladyarcher70 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:05 am

Not sure if Chit Chat is really the place for this, but the other Index subjects aren't either..... I have been awol for most of the summer and Autumn because of an operation, and some weeks of Radiotherapy. This will be finished this week....... there are some side effects which are very inconvenient but so far I have been very lucky in that 'C' was caught early, and may have been vanquished......time will tell ...
....... one effect is that one's life is rather taken over with the skirmish, so this is just to say that I have not forgotten everyone and have just been reading all the posts since I was last here...

...... some folks have good news......others have pain..... I guess that is the way adoption always is for all who are caught up in it...... it is a net, there are holes which sometimes we can slip through, and at other times the holes are too small and we are caught again, often when we least expect it.....

Hugs to all
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Re: Fight the Big C

Postby sylvie 1 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:30 pm

LadyArcher, I was thinking of you and wondering where you are.
Thank you for writing here to let us know what's happening. I hope it isn't too rough for you, and I will be sending you love and my best positive thoughts for your swift recovery.

With heartfelt appreciation for all that you have brought here, and all that you are,

sylvie 1
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Re: Fight the Big C

Postby JJ » Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:23 pm

Dear Lady A

How sorry I was to read about your health - and the fact that that ghastly cancer disease has invaded your life. I am a two-times survivor (bowel cancer, once in early 30s and again at 50) and I can well appreciate how intrusive, worrying, painful and overwhelming the journey can be, for you and for your family and friends.

I am sending you as many positive thoughts as I possibly can for its total banishment from your life, and for good health to return to you - I have no advice, other than to be kind and gentle to yourself, allow yourself the luxury of being looked-after, and know that there are folk around (us!) who may only know you in the virtual world, but are rooting for you just the same.

Keep on keeping on xxx
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Re: Fight the Big C

Postby cleo » Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:11 pm

Dear ladyarcher,

oh crikey so sorry to read this, but hope that you are starting to feel abit better after everything you have been through, i was beginning to wonder why you were so quiet but thought you had alot on your plate with the family and little ones around.

I cannot even begin to imagine the worries and of course the radio and chemo that you have had to go through too...i hope that you have all the support you need...i'm sure you have because from what i gather from your posts you have a very tight knit family.

Take care and so glad to hear from you again, sending you cyber hugs x
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