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Where is everyone......?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:40 pm
by ladyarcher
The board has gone very quiet over the last couple of weeks........I hope that this is because people are out and about enjoying the better weather.....better than total heatwave in my book ......and better than raining all summer too......

...perhaps people are away on holiday, or busy with children and guests in the school holidays....or painting and decorating....or have been tremulously waiting for exam results......their childrens' exams, or their own ......or beavering away in the garden which can be very demanding at this time of year ....... or perhaps everyone is just taking a break from thinking and worrying about adoption feelings and searches.......

Whatever the reasons, I hope everyone is having a peaceful summer and will come back refreshed in the autumn......happily the board is still here, for when we need it.......unchanged so far, ........ so many other boards and sites have changed and become un-useful and un-useable .......this particular dinosaur likes things left alone.......along the lines of 'if it's not broke.....don't mend it'.....a good old saying and one more authorities and services could take note of.....

born 1944 - adopted 1946

Re: Where is everyone......?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:40 am
by Turtle
As you say ladyarcher, people are probably busy at this time of year. I think most forums go a bit quiet in the summer.

The problem also is, that with so little activity, that people just don't bother to post or even log on. So it becomes a vicious circle where the site just gets quieter and quieter.

Hopefully, as soon as the summer is over and the nights draw in, things will improve.

From my own point of view, something happened the last time I was on, which has put me off using the site. I have often come on to see if anyone was posting, but didn't feel like posting myself. Maybe I just need a break and a bit of space. Things have been very stressful this year.

Re: Where is everyone......?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:34 am
by Donotunderstand
I'm still popping in but usually don't have anything valuable to offer.

We had planned 2 weeks away in our touring caravan but half way through I broke my wrist. Although I was happy to carry on I was unable to do the cooking etc. Hubby is quite capable but he wasn't happy to take my camping duties on so we had to come home.(I think he's finally realised that actually I do quite a lot in my own quiet way)

I've recently found out that my oldest (non adopted) niece is taking anti depressants - she's only 23. My brothers daughter is also taking them and she's only 20. My adopted niece is having non-epileptic pseudo seizures which a.mum thinks were caused by the stress of our big meet up in the middle of GCSE's My oldest daughter is very unhappy at work but at least has her wedding next month to look forward to and my son is working every shift he can to save money towards a house purchase and his wedding next year. I am so sad that the young people in my family are struggling.

Lots going on but always ready to chip in here if I can help anyone.

Re: Where is everyone......?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:15 pm
by ladyarcher
Sorry to hear about your wrist Donot......however cooking etc when on camping holiday in a caravan should not be out of the ability zone of the average hubby.......definately no Brownie points for him

...when our oldest daughter was a toddler, and my two boys were 10 and 11, we had our regular five or six weeks tent camping in wild wet and windy places in Scotland...usually several nights to a week in five or six special places......... my husband did all the meals sitting cross legged on the ground and cooking on two primus stoves, with toddler usually sitting in his lap......meals were fine and she never touched anything hot....Elf and Safety would be horrified I guess ............hubby also did the washing up, with the boys drying.........I was expecting no.2 child, and did not bend too well in the middle at that time contribution was dog walking - kept him away from the food - keeping half an eye on the boys when they were on the beach, making sure beds were comfy, reading bedtime stories ......and counting tent pegs etc, whenever we broke camp.........

Sorry also to hear that your nieces are feeling the need for antidepressants so young........does the term 'pseudo' actually mean that the seizures? are, in effect, psycho somatic , and do not have a specific medical or chemical cause ...... i.e. what used to be called 'hysteria' ......if this is so, then it rather reflects on a.mother's lack of preparing her properly for the meet up, rather than blaming you for the meet-up ......I know that every one is different, but at your a.niece's age most things to do with weird family relationships are taken fairly cool-ly ....... and it would also be down to her a.mother to make sure that GCSE's were not looked on as the biggest deal in the child's life.......important, and to be taken seriously, but not to be stressed over........

Keep strong.......

Re: Where is everyone......?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:34 pm
by Donotunderstand
Lady A, you echo my feelings regarding exams.

As a.mum has not replied to the letter she insisted I write back in June I think perhaps she is slightly out of her depth with it all. I want a reply because I need to know where we go from here although having texted her recently I get the feeling she's trying to keep us at arms length.

I was going to look on the internet about the seizures. I remember when our youngest was born birth mum was having seizures but hospital investigations did not prove epilepsy so quite interesting that its happening in the next generation. Like you I also feel that the girl may not have the support she needs.

Ah, camping.....happy days and good memories.