It's oh so quiet......hush hush

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It's oh so quiet......hush hush

Postby ladyarcher » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:13 pm

I guess that everyone has gone into hibernation until the snow has gone..........very quiet on the boards so hope that people had good Christmases.......funny how quickly Christmas seems so far away, yet it is only a month actually........we have not been cut off in this bit of mid Wales, although there have been several days when people have not been able to get up our icy lane, getting down it was fine...this evening we have had rain and thunder so maybe the thaw has set in.........

...because we are packing the house ready,....... hopefully........., to move in a few weeks time, I have been attempting to 'weed' various categories of possessions,.............. being an adoptee hoarder, this sounds better than it actually is.........there is perhaps some china that could go...and do we really need 30 or so glasses that used to hold chocolate hazlenut spread, plus 30 or so glass desert bowls on stems that came free with petrol I think.......however, when our daughter got marrried the year before last, and one of our sons got married last year all these glasses were put to good use holding little posies of flowers on the tables.....and we still have one unmarried daughter and one unmarried I had better keep them a bit longer........

.. the childrens' baby clothes and toys - the children now being in their thirties and forties by the way - my own toys and 'pet' clothes - no........ none of them can 'go'........ ...there are two huge boxes of 'read it once in the bath or on a wet afternoon' lightweight novels, but they can't actually 'go' they have to wait for the car boot season to come round again.........the Mothercare pram which I had for my first baby who will be 45 in March, and which has conveyed all five of my children and several of the grandchildren, that will stay in case there are more grandchildren........our collection of vinyl, our collection of tapes, our collection of 78rpm records, several different gramaphones, a collection of old radios, likewise old cameras......the knitting wool amounting to the production of several flocks of sheep that was my a.mother's ...she could never pass a wool shop nor an 'odd ball' basket........somewhere amongst it is the oiled wool my father sent down from the Hebrides in the war for many things with so many memories........though we are downsizing from six bedrooms to three, and will not have a loft either, there is a lot which cannot be 'dumped' .....

...talking of 'going through the books' I have been revisiting old favourites.......Famous Five, the....?....of Adventure books, The Children Who Lived in a Barn, Swallows and Amazons and the rest of the Arthur Ransomes, Noel Streatfield's 'Ballet Shoes, and Curtain Up, and the horse and pony stories about lucky girls who had a pony of their own........Jill and Prince the Pony, Silver Snaffles, ........then the slightly 'heavier' ones, such as Children of the New Forest, and of course Jane Austen has to be read about once a year........favourite poems, Lord Ullin's Daughter, Mad Carew, Cargoes, the Rubyatt, .......then there are many books of music,...... in theory.... I can play the piano,...... in fact........,I know which black blobs belong to which notes, but can't do it very fast.....maybe when we move I shall have time to practice........after all, I can touch type very fast, and it's the same process really.........

Anyway, I probably won't have time to do any of these things, reading, learning to knit, finishing all the half done tapestries that my a.mother couldn't resist, learning the piano.........because once we are moved my husband has promised I can have dogs again........we have been dogless for three years now, although we still have the cat who has outlived several of our dogs........two rescue boxers should keep me occupied with exercise opportunities, and also I have taken up Yoga again, hopefully to quell the panic attacks left over from my illness back in the autumn.....

I hope that the current quiet means that people are strong and are hanging in there ........ or perhaps are having a break from emotional ups and downs that encircle our searches and reunions ........whatever the reason for the quiet, hugs to everyone........

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Re: It's oh so quiet......hush hush

Postby Turtle » Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:18 pm

Good to hear an update from you ladyarcher. You sound as if you have been very busy.

I hope that your move all goes smoothly. I love having a good clear out. I think there is some rule though that says that as soon as you get rid of something, within a month you will need it. Even if you haven't touch it in years, having thrown it out or re-homed it, you will suddenly wish it was still in your possession. I must say, I am planning to have a bit of a spring clean myself. I do one about every six months, as things just seem to stack up. My husband is a bit of a horder. He keeps everything.

January for me has not gone to plan. I had flu at the beginning of the month and took ages to recover from it. Usually I shake it off, but this one was different and I still don't feel 100%.

It was my a.mother's 80th birthday on Friday. We arranged a surprise party for her which took a lot of organisation. The actual party was yesterday and it went amazingly well. She was really thrilled with the people we got to attend. (It was getting a bit hit and miss at one point, with all the snow coming down and people not wanting to travel). I am so pleased that all the effort was worth it and today is the first day in ages that I have put my feet up. (If only Andy Murray had won the tennis!)

For her birthday I made her a family tree scrapbook. It was a bit of a ridiculous idea, given the fact that I only decide to start it the week before. Anyone who has ever done that sort of thing, will know just how much time these things take. The problem was, that finding her family in the first place was incredibly difficult. They had a really common name and she had no idea where her father was born. (He died very young and when her mother remarried, he wasn't talked about as much). I had to piece together information for remaining relatives and after two months of searching various genealogy sites, I had a bit of a lucky break. From there, things slowly pieced together. So I had enough information, photos, certificates and probate information etc, to make the scrapbook look very presentable. It was a bit of a hit at the party and definitely a talking point.

My labrador is in season and so that is very limiting. Ladyarcher, I bet you are looking forward to having dogs again. I couldn't be without mine. They keep me sane and put a smile on my face, regardless of whatever else life throws at me.
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