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help more ideas

Postby antonyroberts » Fri May 25, 2012 2:39 pm

hi apart from me getting a advert in the local papers this week and a big one at that !! thanks ,can anyone think of any other ideas to find my sisters, i know they are in north wales and they are called samantha louise who was born in 1982 and louise who was born in 1988, and thats it , they both were adopted to seperate families at birth, i have a facebook appeal and need members to get it bumped up sp if anyone can join to help me just jon thats all i ask i only have 4 member sat the moment so any help appreciated thanks everyone.
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Re: help more ideas

Postby ladyarcher » Sat May 26, 2012 10:09 pm

I have no idea about Facebook appeals, and rarely use Facebook does not seem to me to be the sort of thing you should use to find people as it is not very confidential.............there is always the possibility that your sisters do not know they are adopted, so that is one thing you will have to bear in is not so usual nowadays for people not to know, but still possible...........

Have you put 'sleeper' messages on the Government Adoption Contact Register........... that is always worth is not a searching thing, you just put a notice on and if they, or either of them has already done it, or if they do it after you, no matter how long it is, then you will be notified........ this is how I eventually found my full sister who was adopted separately to me............I put a notice on the Register years ago, and 3 years ago she decided to search, and as soon as her social worker started the search mechanism, my notice was had been waiting there for 15 sister had no idea that she had a full sister, so it was quite a surprise for her.......I had known about her for forty years, having found out about her during my search for my a forty year search came to a sudden end......we get on well and are very similar in many ways..........she is only sixteen months younger than me.........

You do not say if you have your sisters' original birth certs.........or what sort of information you already have.........for example are they full sisters, or half sisters, are they older than you or younger....did they have different birth fathers......are you with your birth mother and if so, has she given you any help with how she had them adopted, for example was an agency used, or a Church, or a private do you know they are in North Wales, if they were adopted to there this does not mean they are still there...........remember that their Christian names are very likely to have been changed...... sometimes new adoptive parents will keep one of their new baby's names and use it as a middle name, but more often they will totally changed their names, and of course they will have new surnames..........

Sorry for a lot of questions but it is difficult to know what advice to give, as I don't know what you know and what you don't know.....

If I don't reply to you for several days it is because I am away from home in a caravan and can only pick up posts when visiting friends........

born 1944 - adopted 1946 - found b.mother 1972 - sadly missed b.father who died young, but who had told his subsequent children that they had two English sisters so when I made contact with them in Canada they were not shocked..........finally found full sister three years ago after searching for her for forty years........
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Re: help more ideas

Postby Highland Lassie1 » Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:20 am

I found both my half sisters on friends reunited via the school. I took a guess at the name of the primary school (the same one that my bm had attended) and worked out the year, I had their surname too and bingo, this gave me a link to be able to contact one of them by email. Whilst searching for my bf I also used friends reunited, I knew the secondary school my bf attended and sent an email to the hit list from that year, it didn't lead me to any direct link but I did get a little bit of information out of it about one of my bf's brothers. Also whilst searching for bf, I came across a "community forum" with members who lived/grew up in the same area as my bf and from there I had a "contact" who used to live opposite my bf and we are still both in contact now and she has been able to provide me with lots of information and I know that my bf is now living abroad. It is amazing how much information is available on the internet.

HL x
Adopted at 8wks, now 41. Made contact with BM June 2010, met one sister on Saturday 28th Aug 2010, met BM on 20th October 2010, met other sister on December 2010. Now trying to establish contact with BF.
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