OK... nothing to do about adoption but want to share

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OK... nothing to do about adoption but want to share

Postby athensrunner » Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:40 pm

Sorry guys, I know this has nothing to do about adoption but I want to share this because it involves one of my closest friends and any way I can help share awareness of neurofibromatosis.. I will take the opportunity,

On Thursday 12th January 2012, This Morning featured a beautiful young lady spreading the word about neurofibromatosis... unfortunately the show did mistakenly refer to it at the same condition as the Elephant Man had and referred it to as NR1... The short name for the condition is NF... Katie's condition is Type 1 so the shorten name should be NF1. Still they did a fantastic job with the interview and made sure that the presenters were corrected.


I would be grateful if you have Facebook, Twitter or blogs if you can share it as helps share the awareness of neurofibromatosis. Over the next could of weeks they will also appear in a couple of the UK weekly magazines.

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