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SPAMMER Diaboloiitems

Postby maxi » Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:11 pm

I have emailed the moderators about this spammer many times now. I am aware that others have done this too. We have discussed the spammers on forum. In the past when there were forum issues, the moderator(s) would post on forum where appropriate or would reply to email if a concern was raised. Now there is no feedback at all. It seems to me that there is NO active moderator visiting the forum at all.

What was a very good, mutually supportive and caring forum has been invaded by idiots who have no interest in adoption issues. Someone at AA needs to wake up - it is wonderful that they provide this forum, but they really do need to task someone with the 10-minute-a-day job of checking members and new posts for inappropriate content.

The next step would seem to contact After Adoption directly. Their phone number and other contact details can be found in the link given in the forum section "when things get out of hand".
Make a formal complaint about the forums
If you are not entirely satisfied with our service, we want to hear from you. In the first instance, we will discuss the matter and try to resolve this with you. If this is not to your satisfaction, you can make a formal complaint in writing. There are two stages in this procedure, which are detailed at ... asp?id=109.

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Re: SPAMMER Diaboloiitems

Postby athensrunner » Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:28 pm

Hi Maxi

I'm actually friends with After Adoption on my FB and have emailed them through there... I also suggested that they offer the "job" as moderator to one of the regular posters. The forum needs more than one moderator, which is what I think it have.

Hopefully, my FB message will give us some response... will update you all if and when I have a response.
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Re: SPAMMER Diaboloiitems

Postby maxi » Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:08 pm

Hi athensrunner

We can only hope that something has the desired effect. I've emailed the address above. I know there are cut backs and many organisations are having to make what little money there is go further, but moderating/administrating is not a very time consuming task on a forum such as this where there are no more than 6 -12 genuine posts per day. Good idea to suggest that regular posters could carry out the job and I'd agree that more than one moderator is ideal.

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Re: SPAMMER Diaboloiitems

Postby Josie » Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:17 pm

Shite. These ads are really starting to be a problem.
Hopefully after weekend we can expect some action from our invisible moderator!
I remember a few years ago, PMs were exchanged between After Adoption and myself at a time when I had written on the forum that I was going to delete my membership.
The lovely lad who I communicated with said that the AA team of counsellors regularly read the forum, as our input was always valuable and helpful to the adoption community in general.
So, perhaps someone from AA will let us know when we can get our board cleaned up.
I doubt if they would let a registered user be a moderator, as the forum is connected to the organisation.
So there are possibly legal issues there. I mean, the moderator needs to be an AA employee or registered volunteer I'd guess?
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