Such an informative website for me

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Such an informative website for me

Postby thomas » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:07 pm

I am busy editing a book I wrote on the discovery of my birth mother and I find this website is so useful. Many of the experiences and the emotions expressed are similar to my own. What is unique of course is that we all have a different story to tell because all of us are unique people.
I was adopted when I was four or five months old, lived in the lap of luxury for ten years, then when my adoptive father died it became a much more difficult life for me - but ultimately did me no harm.
We travelled to South Africa overland by truck from Calais to Marseilles then passed by Etna in the Mediterranean and on to the Port of Alexandria in Egypt and then on through the Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika (Tanzania) North and Southern Rhodesia (Zambia and Zimbabwe today and then on down to Cape Town and then on to the east coast. I myself have spent most of my life in Africa, eventually ending up as a manager of a publishing company which was based all over the world.
My adoptive father was a fantastic person and gave me a great education. I appreciated so muc the opportunity of spending the first eight years in an English speaking school in South Africa and then the final years spent in an Afrikaans school.
It was a wonderful life and the greatest part of all was discovering my birth mother, who was a well read and deeply sincere person - but I only discovered her after she had died. She hardly travelled further than the boundaries of her beloved Hertfordshire, and yet her thoughts and her writing ranged the world.
Most of my life has been spent away from the cities on farms and mission stations - wonderful . . . four adopted children and six of my own.
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