Accessing Adoption Records

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Accessing Adoption Records

Postby MichaelG63 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:09 pm

I'm trying to find my half-brother. He was born the year before me and subsequently adopted, as was I.
Is there a way for me to access his adoption records to discover his adopted name?
I have a copy of his original birth certificate.
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
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Re: Accessing Adoption Records

Postby Donotunderstand » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:57 pm

Hi Nigel,

I don't think its possible to access another persons adoption records. If you know the agency he was adopted through you could perhaps write a letter for him and ask if they will forward it. Do you have any contact with birth family - maybe they have his name?

best wishes
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Re: Accessing Adoption Records

Postby ladyarcher70 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:37 pm

Hi iNigel........sorry not to have seen your post and replied sooner.....I am on here very rarely these days, and very few new people find the site due to After Adoption removing the link from their main page. I have been nagging them about this for ages, and not getting anywhere so far.

My initial advice would be to go on the Government Adoption Register. It is not very expensive, and you can leave a message there with your details so if your brother also put, or already had, a message registered a link is instantly made and the two parties put in touch with eachother in whatever way they choose.

Messages stay on there forever. This is how I actually found my full sister. I had found out about her when I was 25, and spent forty years going through all sorts of records and writing to many organisations. Mostly this was pre internet of course. However I found out by chance about the adoption contact register, and put a message on it. It is adviseable to post on both parts of the register.....i.e. looking for someone, and willing to be found. At least that is how it worked in the beginning, dont' know if it is still the same now.......It was about the mid 1990s when I put my notice on there. Anyway, nothing, for fifteen years, then apparently my sister decided at aged 64 to do some searching, and she did it through a social worker......the first thing the social worker did was to check the register.......and bingo.......there sat my message waiting. So, not much work needed by the social I had already done all the searching and contacting of our birth family on both sides, so there again, absolutely no work needed by social worker.

Sadly, I have little contact with my sister after the initial excitement. Our upbringings were somewhat similar, good solid middle class for me, and slightly upper middle for her.....example......she had her own ponies, I had weekly riding lessons/hacks. She and her husband travelled a lot and have no children. My husband and I mostly only travelled in the Uk....five children and dogs make overseas travelling both financially out of bounds, and in fact we didn't want to....and would certainly not have put dogs in kennels. Unhappily my sister and her husband have ended up very financially strapped...despite their exciting lifestyle and not having children to support..... she thinks our lives very boring, we don't, with seven grandchildren and two step grandchildren, most living within a mile or so of us, we don't have time to be bored.....sadly, I feel she now thinks her life perhaps rather empty now the travelling has had to stop due to retirement and creaky health.

So even when one finds long lost siblings, and even if their upbringing has been similar, there can be big differences in their views and way of one has to be prepared for this. My feeling is that at least I found my sister, and made available to her all the family history that I had gathered, and put her in contact with them. If it is her choice not to stay in touch, then that is her choice, sad though it is, as the rest of our birth family are very open and warm hearted, and in frequent contact with us and their children are in contact with my children.... and have visited us from Canada.

Good luck
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Re: Accessing Adoption Records

Postby MichaelG63 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:35 pm

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your reply.
I'm on both parts of the contact register and have a letter placed on his adoption file, should he access them. I'm in contact with some of my birth family, a younger brother and sister and aunt and uncle.
Sadly my birth mother passed away 2 years ago, before I had chance to meet and thank her.
I'm at the point now where utilising an intermediary is the only way forward. That will have to wait until I have sufficient spare cash.
Best regards,
Nigel (BN: Michael Greenhalgh).
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