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Re: Remember me?

Postby cleo » Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:26 pm

Hello turtle, thanks for replying

I am still confused with my feelings if i am honest, one day i am fine that i know he wants no further contact, but then another day a part of me wishes that there maybe be a day when he realises how much pain he caused (or maybe not) but will try and contact me again.

I just wish he was honest about his feelings towards me at the beginning and not drag on for the couple of years in complete silence as if i never existed, i think thats what hurt the most.

Its hard to imagine that he has known about me for so many years and has had more than enough time to find out about me, yet when he did finally contact me, i only got a few hours of joy getting to know a little about him, before he decides he wants no further contact.

I know i can draw the line knowing that its ended, and some days i deal with that, but then there are other days i just want to go and give him a hug and be forgiven for whatever wrong i did...because i still do not know what i done so wrong to be cut off like i never existed.

How are things going with your and the rest of the so lovely to hear that things are working out so well .
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Re: Remember me?

Postby Turtle » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:40 am

I think it must be so much harder for you Cleo, as you have met your son, so you have more of an image in your head of who he is. I have never even seen a photo of my b.mother and so she only exists on a piece of page. It is hard to make a connection with someone that you cannot visualise and no very little about. For you, you have so many memories formed after your brief meeting. That must make it harder to let go.

I still think it is sad that he couldn't have honestly told you why he wanted no further contact. It seems strange to search and then not follow through. I guess he had his reasons, but he could have been open with you about those.

As for my, things are still going really well. I am counting down the days until we meet at the end of May. We still exchange lots of emails and Skype. I have also been in contact with a cousin, his niece, so I am slowly getting involved with other members of the family. We just all seem to get on, everyone is so relaxed about the situation.
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