who is watching itv Wales'Wanted, a family of my own@

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who is watching itv Wales'Wanted, a family of my own@

Postby ladyarcher » Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:14 pm

Just watching this programme.....so far, all the emphasis appears to be in 'finding the right child for the young couple...' I suppose, at some point someone might say something about finding the right a.parents for the child.......there has been one of the 'look them over' play days.... the Social worker is, to me, v.young........the 'approval panel' were quite diverse, but not much of the discussion was shown.....of course, it is a programme, not, as it were, 'real life'.......the young couple seem to be rather nice and normal ..... hopefully all will go well with them in the future ....I feel for the older couple who have been fostering the little boy, Joshua, almost since his birth.......it will be so hard for them to never know his future....I hope that the transition, when an adopter is found, will be gentle.....in that they should be allowed to stay in his life for a while, as if they were grandparents ...... but I fear from what the fosterfather was saying, that it will be a 'cut off' ......which does not seem right, to me......

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