Research help needed. Re - 1963

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Research help needed. Re - 1963

Postby peter_d » Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:07 pm

Hi, If there is anyone who can help, please reply.

A series of coincidences have raised the possibility that I may have fathered a child in 1963.

My question is, does anyone know if in 1964 it could have been possible for a family member, such as a cousin or aunt, to informally adopt a baby and register the birth as if it were their own child.

In this particular case the very common married name of the relative, their maiden name and the name of the young unmarried birth mother are all the same.

I suppose I am asking whether in those days a registrar would have required proof of identity and parentage from the informant when registering a birth.

The simple way forward is to contact the birth mother but I feel I really need some further evidence before I can raise this issue with anyone.

Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Research help needed. Re - 1963

Postby ladyarcher » Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:18 pm

Hello Peter_D .......... sorry not to have noticed your post are going back quite a long way in thinking of things in 1964......... I would think that it would be quite possible at that time to have brought up a child that was not yours........ I think that probably you were supposed to have a letter from a midwife to a Dr. re a birth, and that there would have been some paperwork to claim any tax allowance......... I am not even sure that there was a child allowance in 1964........there certainly was by 1968, but if memory serves you could only claim it for child number two.........I think probably that a couple with enough 'bottle' would have been able to go into a registry office with a baby and register a child, and be fairly sure of getting away with it.......perhaps having said to a Dr that the child had been 'early' and the midwife not there.........also, you are still in the time when often a woman's mother or aunt would be the midwife, and a Dr would only be called if something went wrong......I think too that there would still have been plenty of unofficial adoptions going on that were not registered........ it probably was not even illegal......... may not be now, although you have to say if you are bringing up a child not yours as 'a child of the house' on the census I think........

....I know that in the late 1950s my birth mother registered a child as being the child of her husband, when it certainly wasn't as they had been apart for several years, although their divorce was not through at that time.......... this action resulted in my half brother having a quite horrid experience when he went to find his father, two adoptions and many years later......... the gentleman he had thought was his father turned him away in no uncertain terms... .... and you couldn't really blame him, though he might have been a little kinder about it........

In your case, with the birth mother and the relative having the same names I would think it would have been quite easy, as any of the paperwork would have what appeared to be the 'right' names on to anyone doing the registering, or subsequent entering at school etc......... it is probably less easy to slip under the paperwork barriers these days with computer records, but I wouldn't mind betting it is still possible if you have done your homework first about how things work and in what order you produce each bit of paper.........

It is good that you are thinking that you should find out for certain if this happened to you.......... one should always face up to responsibilities if one is responsible.......... probably you could make further enquiries as to the documents that would have had to be produced in those days from the General Registry Office........ they would have historical knowledge .........

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Re: Research help needed. Re - 1963

Postby peter_d » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:12 am

Hello LA,
Thank you for your input, it appears as I suspected, very possible. Especially as the father of the unmarried birth mother was in the medical profession. I think that Child Allowance was called Family Allowance in those days. I remember often having to take the book to the post office during the 50's to collect the few shillings for myself and my two siblings. Having obtained a birth certificate I would think that everything else such as family allowance and tax allowances would naturally just fall into place.
If I can prove a link between the two families I will gently raise the issue with the suspected birth mother.

Kind regards and thanks again.

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